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The classic lineup of Klymaxx

Welcome to something old and something new here at T-Mad’s Music: the official return of my KLYMAXX website. Back in the late nineties and early two thousands, T-Mad’s Music was the only place on the Internet to find detailed information on this eighties all-female funk and soul band. I took great pride in this as well as the fact that I was able to get feedback and information from former members of the band to add to the site, which made it even more authentic and memorable. I have decided to revamp its look and bring it back for your enjoyment.

Beyoncé may have an all-female band backing her up and that may seem like something unique to today’s younger listeners. However, she owes that aesthetic to the ladies of Klymaxx. Fans of Klymaxx will remember such classics as The Men All Pause, Meeting In The Ladies Room, I Miss You, I’d Still Say Yes, and Divas Need Love Too. A related girl group from the eighties called Madame X, produced by Klymaxx founder and leader Bernadette Cooper, also put out some decent pop music. As a bonus, my site also featured them as well.

Much has transpired in the lives of Klymaxx since I put my original site on hiatus. In fact, I had some trepidation over reintroducing this fan-based site because of how I would handle certain current dissensions and happenings within the ranks of the group. However, as a big fan of Klymaxx from the eighties and as one who was fortunate to have interacted quite frequently in e-mail correspondence with members of Klymaxx as well as with Madame X, I feel that this site deserves to be back up again. So whether you’re an older visitor of the original incarnation of this fan-based tribute site or a new visitor, come on aboard and check out Klymaxx.

Of course, feel free to check out the group’s own official site(s), listed in the Links section of this site. Also, enjoy the random streaming selection from the band playing now.